Hello, I'm Dr. George Kukurin and I am licensed to practice chiropractic by the state of Arizona. I am also licensed to practice acupuncture. I have been studying and practicing alternative medicine techniques for over 20 years. I have a keen interest in conditions of the nervous system.  I am a former faculty member of the Post Graduate Neurology Department of Parker College and one of a select few Arizona chiropractic physicians who are also Diplomats of the American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology  I have treated thousands of patients suffering from all types of conditions of the nervous system. I have post-graduate education from the Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. I have even traveled to Russian to learn laser acupuncture and to Mexico to study nerve regeneration treatments and techniques.
Dr. Kukurin has 25 years of experience with acupcunture.
Because of my years of experience and education in many different
 systems of alternative medicine, my patients have obtained some notable results. These results have even  been published in   medical journals and journals indexed in the National Library of Medicine, they have been featured on local Fox and ABC newscasts and I have also presented them to other doctors at conferences at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore. Having all this additional training and education is extremely helpful in evaluating patients and determining those I feel will benefit from a trial of the methods I use and also for determining which patients I feel  would likely benefit from other forms of treatment.   I have written a number of books detailing my  methods including a book on treating nerve problems like neuropathy. 

The protocols and methods I developed over the years have helped so many people.  I hope that you'll take a minute to inquire how they might help you.

I also strongly believe that the  health benefits of my methods should be affordable to those folks who really need them.  Luckily most insurance plans are covering at least a portion of the techniques we employ.   That is why I am proud to be a preferred provider with Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, United, Medicare and most other insurance plans. So call our scheduling hotline at 623.547.4727 and leave a message, visit our website for more information www.kcpv.info  or email us with your questions ...

No doctor can guarantee his or her results, but I can promise you that patients in our office can feel confident they are receiving the most up-to-date, safe and effective treatment available. These advanced and innovative methods are delivered in a caring and friendly environment and they will not only be affordable, but a great value. You have my word on it!

Don't miss out on a chance to find   real relief from your back and neck pain....

            ~ Dr. George W Kukurin

A poor foundation will stress the structures above it

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The results our patients obtain with painful conditions are so dramatic they have been published in  the National Library of Medicine.
If you are in pain call us right away, our award winner doctor has over 20 years of  experience in helping people just like you.
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Finding the chiropractic trAnterior head syndrome contributes to tight neck muscleseatment in the Phoenix area that is "right" for you and your particular problems can be a daunt-

Millions of people use chiropractic as a safe effective method of healthcare. But how do you find a chiropractic physician that's right for you?  There are almost as many different styles of chiropractic treatment as there are chiropractors.  We'd like to tell you about one specific approach that we feel sets the standard for choosing safe and effective chiropractic therapy.

The best place to start is by asking yourself, what are your goals and expectations of treatment? Most of our patients are seeking chiropractic care for relief of a painful condition. Most people, myself included, have some reasonable expectations of care.  One is  to get out of pain as quickly as possible.  So,  rapid pain relief is a legitimate treatment goal.  Most people also want stay out of pain as long as possible. So, long term improvement is another desirable outcome from treatment.  Most of our patients want to learn how to stay healthy. So, patients have a right to expect  preventative measures that are designed to keep them healthy.  Furthermore people deserve respect.  They don't want to be kept waiting, they don't want to keep coming back for treatment again-and-again, and they don't want to spend their entire life savings on treatment. If these are your goals for your chiropractic care, let me assure you they are our goals too!  Read on and I'll tell you how we help our patients achieve these goals.

For treatment to provide rapid pain relief it starts with a knowledgeable doctor.  There are new advanced pain relieving techniques being developed all the time. And if the doctor isn't dedicated to improving his knowledge and skills, he is not likely to be using the most effective pain relieving techniques possible. It is pretty simple really. Better techniques = faster results.   Next consider the equipment the doctor has available to treat your condition. Is it new and state of the art, or does it look like he bought it at an estate sale  Advanced techniques require modern technology. You can't have one without the other. Think about this when deciding on a chiropractor.

How about the goal of long lasting relief? This is where our office truly excels. It all starts by improving and strengthening your foundation.  Your overall spinal structure. We've spent the last 20 years refining our techniques of spinal correction and they produce some amazing results. 

Normal spinal structure is essential for log term relief

Take a look at the various spinal shapes above.  The first spinal structure on the left illustrates a strong foundation. It will be much less susceptible to injury, heal faster after injury and resist the wear and tear of aging. It is simply not possible to produce long lasting pain relief if the overall spinal structure is weak and distorted.  So if you want meaningful long term results, you must address your foundation. Your core is your foundation for good health and optimal function. The center of your core is your spine. Because just like a house, if your body is built on a poor foundation, it won't hold up well and will need constant and repeated repair. Endless repeated treatments should not be your goal. It is not our goal for you in our office either. We want to strengthen your foundation so you feel better quickly and stay better longer. And we have developed a system for correcting a poor spinal foundation like no other.
Correcting the spinal foundation means correcting the problem
The woman in this picture is an actual patent from our office. Notice how our innovative technique of spinal correction changed her from poor spinal structure to excellent spinal structure.  Now any doctor can search his files to find that one special case.  Not our office. When we tell you we have developed a system to improve the foundation of your spine, we mean it!  Click here, because seeing is believing.

So how exactly does strengthening your core foundation (in other words improving your spinal structure), accelerate healing, increase performance and help you resist the wear and tear of aging? Take a look at the illustration above.  It shows a very common problem seen in patients.  Notice that the women in the illustration above carries her head forward or anterior to her shoulders.  There are many names for this, some people might simply call this poor posture, it is known as forward head carriage, anterior head syndrome and many other names.  The truth of the matter is that it is a recognized medical condition called cervico-cranial syndrome by the American Medical Association. (Cervico = neck, cranial = head, thus the neck-head syndrome). Now you might ask yourself what's the big deal, it looks like poor posture, whyA poor spinal foundation will cause the spine to distort make a federal case out of it? That's a good question.  Refer back to the illustration above. Did you know that your head weights as much as a bowling ball? It's true that the average head weighs 8-12 pounds or as much as a typical bowling ball.  So if those 8-12 pounds are not lined up over the spine, but instead carried forward, what holds them up?  If you guessed that muscles of the neck and shoulders, you are correct!  Now imagine for a minute that you had to carry a bowling ball around with you all day. Day in and day out.  Do you think your muscles would get sore, tight, stiff and knotted?  Well of course they will. Research shows that patients with cervico-cranial syndrome have more headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, mid-back pain, and even carpal tunnel syndrome, compared with people who have a normal core structure with their head lined up over their spine. Take a look at the picture of the woman below left. She had headaches, neck and shoulder pains associated with her cervico-cranial syndrome. After we rehabilitated her core structure, she was pain free and stayed that way.  It's our opinion that is is virtually impossible to obtain long lasting pain relief unless and until you correct a patient's core foundation (spine). Anything less will likely lead to a temporary fix and the need for repeated and recurring treatments.  Failure to correct the spinal core is why symptoms recur and patients need to be treated repeatedly. 

Your hips and pelvis make up the foundation of your spine. Your spine is the core foundation for your entire body.  If you have misalignments and a poor pelvic foundation, your entire core will be stressed. Just like problems in the foundation of a building will lead to stress and failure of the structure above the foundation, poor spinal structure and misalignment of the pelvis will cause problems throughout the entire spine. The spine or your core sits upon the pelvis which is the foundation of the spine. Take a look at the patient below. She had been seen by a number of  other doctors before she consulted with me.  It didn't take me long to see why she wasn't getting any long term relief despite years of treatment.  Can you see how distorted her pelvis is? Knowing that the pelvis is the foundation for the spine and that the spine is the core of the body, can you guess why she had poor results with the other doctors? It's  not too hard to see that the problems in her spinal foundation, her pelvis, are causing the spine above to twist and distort. This is placing great stain on her muscles and joints creating pain that keeps coming back. Can we fix a poor spinal foundation and strengthen the spinal core?  Click here to find out.

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