Hello, I'm Dr. George Kukurin and I am licensed to practice chiropractic by the state of Arizona. I am also licensed to practice acupunture. I have been studying and practicing alternative medicine techniques for over 20 years. I have a keen interest in conditions of the nervous system.  I am a former faculty member of the Post Graduate Neurology Department of Parker College and one of a select few Arizona chiropractic physicians who are also Diplomats of the American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology  I have treated thousands of patients suffering from all types of conditions of the nervous system. I have post-graduate education from the Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. I have even traveled to Russian to learn laser acupuncture and to Mexico to study nerve regeneration treatments and techniques.
Dr. Kukurin has 25 years of experience with acupcunture.
Because of my years of experience and education in many different systems of alternative medicine, my patients have obtained some notable results. These results have even  been published in   medical journals and journals indexed in the National Library of Medicine, they have been featured on local Fox and ABC newscasts and I have also presented them to other doctors at conferences at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore. Having all this additional training and education is extremely helpful in evaluating patients and determining those I feel will benefit from a trial of the methods I use and also for determining which patients I feel  would likely benefit from other forms of treatment.   I have written a number of books detailing my  methods including a book on treating nerve problems like neuropathy. 

The protocols and methods I developed over the years have helped so many people.  I hope that you'll take a minute to inquire how they might help you.

I also strongly believe that the  health benefits of my methods should be affordable to those folks who really need them.  Luckily most insurance plans are covering at least a portion of the techniques we employ.   That is why I am proud to be a preferred provider with Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, United, Medicare and most other insurance plans. So call our scheduling hotline at 623.547.4727 and leave a message, visit our website for more information www.kcpv.info  or email us with your questions ...

No doctor can guarantee his or her results, but I can promise you that patients in our office can feel confident they are receiving the most up-to-date, safe and effective treatment available. These advanced and innovative methods are delivered in a caring and friendly environment and they will not only be affordable, but a great value. You have my word on it!

Don't miss out on a chance to find   real relief from your back and neck pain....

            ~ Dr. George W Kukurin

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Continued from page two.  Take a look at the woman pictured to the right. She has the typical granny's hump associated with osteoporosis.   If you could look at an x-ray of her spine, you would see that her vertebrae are in an advanced state of decay. One or more of them have changed shape from square to wedge shaped.(click here for more info) This is what we mean when we talk about permanent tissue damage. It is impossible to correct her spine. The granny's hump is a good outward illustration of significant spinal decay in the spine. As we have discussed repeatedly, the spine is the body's core, it's foundation. Now compare the picture of the woman with the granny's hump, with the three images of one of our patients near the bottom of the column to the right.  The first picture of the three, shows one of our patients before we started working on her to correct her spine. As you can see she was well on her way to to spinal decay and very likely the granny's hump. The middle picture shows her after she completed her treatment program with us.  There is at least six months between the middle picture and the third picture.  This shows that if spinal correction is done properly it can last a very long time.  The reason why I am showing you this is because I want you to see first hand how spinal correction can  produce long term improvement in your core foundation. Continue reading because I'm going to tell you how we produce changes like these for our patients. 
Healthy versus decayed joint

Take a look at the above illustration. It is a reproduction of a microscopic image of scar tissue.  See when your muscles and tissues are painful and injured, they heal with scar tissue. Scar tissue at first is laid down in a random haphazard manner. Just like in the illustration above left.  With proper remodeling and remolding scar tissue becomes "organized" like in the illustration above right. Can you see the difference between properly healed scar tissue/injury and incomplete improperly treated and healed injury? We ask our patients to continue on with their treatment even after the pain is gone so we can help them remodel their tissues. It is important for long term correction of the problem. As you can see by the above illustration, the body takes time to heal properly.

O.K. how much time? Well the research shows that scar tissue reorganizes in about a year.  That's the bad news. The good news is that it doesn't take a lot of treatment over the course of a year to assist in the remodeling process.  In fact it takes only about the 12-16 visits.  That's the same number of treatments that researchers found  was required (in the first month of care) for most patients (using traditional chiropractic methods)   just to get out of pain.  In our office using our techniques
we can usually, not only get you out of pain in 12-16 visits, but also correct your spinal core and help promote the remolding of your damaged and scarred soft tissues. You simply get much greater benefits from the same number of visits, using spinal correction techniques compared with generic spinal manipulation.


Spinal correction

What's makes spinal correction so different? Most chiropractors, even osteopaths and physical therapists practice some type of spinal manipulation. This manual therapy is good for relieving pain, but does little or nothing at all for changing the core foundation of your spine. In other words it treats the symptom, not the cause of most neck and back pain. And of course if you don't get to the root of the problem, just like a bad weed it keeps coming back.  If however, you can restore the spine towards it's normal correct structure.  Correcting it's abnormal core foundation, you can produce long lasting results and reduce or eliminate the cause of most spinal pain. We accomplished this through the use of many different chiropractic systems, that we have blended together into a super system.  Over the past 20 years, we have tried many different techniques to help our patients. We kept what worked the best and discarded less effective methods.  Our methods have been refined and have evolved over 2 decades and have been tested clinically on thousands of patients.  That is a big reason why we get the results that we do.  Another reason is that we also incorporate many different styles and systems of muscle therapy into our work. 

Take a look at the MRI image on the bottom of the left hand column.  It shows all the muscles of the pelvis, hips and lower back. These muscles act as supports to the spine.  They are like reinforcing rods that help the spine resist gravity.  If the spine is the core foundation of your body, the muscles surrounding the spine are like the glue and nails that hold the core together.  You simply are not going to change the core of the body unless you address the muscles that support the spine and the spine itself.  We use a very sophisticated muscle therapy technique called Muscle Alignment Technique to reset the muscles sporting the spine.  By correcting the spine and the muscles supporting it, we are able to bring about rapid correction of a poor spinal core. This allows the body to heal much faster than was thought possible. Following the treatment plan until soft tissue remodeling has been achieved and scar tissue has reorganized  gives you the best chance at long lasting relief.     

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Take one last look at the woman in the picture above.  She is a fairly typical patient at our office.  She has the beginning of anterior head syndrome. Using our methods of spinal correction and muscle alignment technique, you can see (in the middle picture) the excellent results she obtained. By following her treatment plan, she was able to achieve long lasting spinal correction as seen in the third picture above. There is no reason you can't achieve similar results. It would be a shame if you spent your time and money on treatment that merely masks your symptoms and failed to offer correction of your problem. The choice is yours.  Why invest your resources on a treatment that will only address half of your problem? Call our appointment center leave a message and a very friendly person will call you back to answer your questions or to make you an appointment. Call now....