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Flexion distraction therapy for spinal stenosis

Corroded water pipe illustrates stenosis

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The flexion  traction table is just one of  the options available to our patients to help them  to avoid stenosis surgery.

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Spinal stenosis crimps the nerves in the lower back Spinal stenosis is a very common   condition of the lower back that is  associated with aging. Unfortunately too often doctors will tell the patient that they have arthritis in their lower back. This is only partly true. See when a patient has stenosis, their arthritis grows inside the spine. This reduces the room for the nerves, resulting in any combination of back, buttocks, thigh, leg or foot symptoms. I like to use a water pipe to illustrate this concept. Take a look at the middle picture. It shows a normal water pipe on the left versus a water pipe that is corroded on the right. This is what happens when stenosis develops in a spine. Except in the case of the pipe only water is squeezed by stenosis. in a person, it is the spinal cord and nerves that are effected. Since there is not sufficient room for the nerves (due to the stenosis) when a person moves (like when bending, walking and doing other daily activities), the nerves become irritated.  When the nerves become irritated they produce pain, numbness or even weakness.  These symptoms can be anywhere from the lower back all the way to the toes, depending on which nerves are irritated. Most surgeons feel that an operation is essential to relieve the symptoms of stenosis. But there are new approaches to treating stenosis, called integrated neurology,  that may help you avoid surgery.  That is why I created this stenosis resource page. Feel free to download our special reports on Stenosis, Best Back Exercises, Non Surgical Methods of Spinal Decompression or even our Non-surgeon's Guide to Back Surgery. When you have questions call us and use our Ask-the-Doctor program. Over the past 25 years we developed truly innovative methods to help our patients suffering from stenosis, give us a call. There is a very good chance we will be able to help you with your stenosis.  623.547.4727

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